PT.Karya Mitra Sarana Samudra - Jual Jasa Transportasi dan Jasa PPJK

Export Import

Layanan eksport import cargo terpercaya, efisien, dan aman untuk kebutuhan pengiriman barang Anda.

Custom Clearance

Penanganan kepabeanan yang mudah dan terpercaya untuk memastikan kelancaran pengiriman barang Anda.

Quarantine Cargo
( Plant & Animal )

Penanganan karantina barang (tumbuhan & hewan) yang aman dan sesuai untuk pengiriman barang Anda.

PT. Karya Mitra Sarana Samudra

PT. Karya Mitra Sarana Samudra provides a complete range of services in the field of logistics and the transportation of goods by sea: Domestic and international sea freight forwarders, Inland transport and Custom clearance. We have close cooperation with leading shipping companies to improve the quality of services at the best prices. PT. Karya Mitra Sarana Samudra provides logistics solutions that are effective and less costly so that customers are able to grow and compete in today's highly competitive market. Achieving customer satisfaction is very important to us. We always strive so that our company's performance standards are able to meet the expectations of our customers, and even exceed them.